(Un) Natural Disasters

EVENT: (Un) Natural Disasters

After Harvey and Irma, it’s obviously time to talk about climate change, but it also needs to be a time to talk about capitalism.  The increased severity and frequency of storms like Harvey and Irma illustrates with devestating result the new realities under climate change.  While capitalism has created the conditions for ever more extreme weather in it’s uncontrolled consumption of fossil fuels for profits, that drive for profit has also crafted the urban realities that make disasters more damaging.  Cities have been planned to maximize industrial and economic efficiency and profits, rather than human need.  The result, from Harvey to hurricane Katrina, is that cities under capitalism are more vulnerable to natural disasters, and disaster preparedness and emergency response is almost always inadequate due to poor planning and slashed budgets.

Capitalism is at the heart of the climate crisis we face.  We need fundamental systemic changes to how we run society if we are to deal with climate change.  Join the International Socialist Organization at Cal to talk about socialist solutions to the climate crisis.

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Date(s) - 09/21/2017
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

UC Berkeley Dwinelle Hall


Author: David

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