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Upcoming Events

Women, Work, and Austerity Today - Saturday, March 7, 3:45 PM



Women’s oppression has intensified as a consequence of the overall attack on the working class today. Since the crisis of 2007 hit and the economy has since recovered, wages have fallen or stagnated, working conditions have worsened, and healthcare costs are rising – all while the capitalist elite here and globally reap massive profits. How does the fight against women’s oppression and racism connect with an overall struggle today for better working conditions and pay? Can we build a sustained fight against this unequal system based on solidarity and class struggle? What is the history of fights that have combined economic demands in the workplace with broader political fights against structural oppression? Please join a panel of activists who will facilitate a discussion about how to link up the struggle against women’s oppression with organizing in the workplace. Presentations will last 30 minutes with 40 minutes of open group discussion and debate about these key ideas. All are welcome.
Speakers include:
Ragina Johnson – Native American Marxist, member of the ISO and author in the Bay Area. She writes and speaks about Native American resistance and politics, particularly in relation to climate justice. She has been active in movements for LGBTQ Liberation, Palestinian Solidarity, and others against war and imperialism.
Diana Macasa – activist in the Bay Area who has been involved in struggles against housing injustice and gentrification, Occupy, and the movement for immigrant rights.
*other speakers to be confirmed*


Part of the 30th Annual Empowering Women of Color Conference

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Greece and the Struggle Against Austerity - Thursday, March 12, 7:00 PM

Anti-austerity protesters gather outside parliament in Athens on Sunday.

We’re excited to host Iannis Delatolas – a long-time Greek activist and socialist – for a discussion about the challenges facing the new SYRIZA government and the way forward for the struggle against austerity in Greece, Europe, and beyond.

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