10 Reasons YOU should go to Socialism Conference 2017

EVENT: 10 Reasons YOU should go to Socialism Conference 2017

10 reasons YOU should go to Socialism 2017
  1. To confirm that you are not alone: the mass protests and resistance to Trump have shown that millions of people are ready to fight for a better world.
  2. To meet thousands of people who are serious about radically changing the world, some who have been activists for decades and others who have been energized by the recent election.
  3. To affirm that capitalism is indeed destroying most people’s lives and that the potential for revolution is real if we organize it.
  4. To learn how to be a socialist organizer, not just an activist, by exploring the International Socialist Tradition and “socialism from below.”
  5. To connect with revolutionaries from all over North America and beyond and hear reports from the front lines of struggles against imperialism, neoliberalism, and the rise of the right globally.
  6. To explore Marxism, socialist theory, liberation, anti-imperialism, radical working class history, culture and more.
  7. To discuss and debate strategies for change on key issues, from #BlackLivesMatter to Standing Rock to defending Planned Parenthood and everything in between–your contributions are vital.
  8. To counter your neoliberal education and the lies pushed by the media.
  9. To get lost in the Haymarket Books room for a few hours.
  10. To see great performances by radical activist artists, some socialist comedy (Hari Kondabolu!) and just hang out and talk, talk, talk….
Early Bird Rate of $85 extended till May 25th. Resister Today!

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Date(s) - 05/25/2017
12:00 am - 9:00 pm


Author: Jessica HW

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