National Day of Action Against Police Violence – Oakland

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot
Black Lives Matter
ALL Life Matters

As part of the national #SEPT6CTA, we will be starting our march at Laney College at 4pm and ending at Oscar Grant Plaza for a town hall meeting. Please come out and support Oakland!

Washington, D.C., stands with the people fighting for justice in Ferguson (Elvert Barnes)

We are all watching Ferguson

THE SHOOTING of unarmed teenager Mike Brown and the violent police repression that followed caused shock waves across the country–but also solidarity, as people who had never heard of Ferguson, Mo., before organized protests and vigils to demand justice.
Within days of the death of the unarmed teenager, who was shot at least six times and then left lying in the street for four hours, there were calls for action to demand justice–not only from activists around the issue of police violence, but people who simply heard about the murder and wanted to take a stand.

A shrine for Mike Brown on the street where he was killed in Ferguson (Eric Ruder | SW)

The roots of racism and rebellion in Ferguson

“IT IS hard to deny just how predictable they are when they finally happen.” That was the conclusion of Merlin Chowkwanyun, a scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in aWashington Post op-ed article comparing the eruption of protest and unrest in Ferguson, Mo. with so many similar upheavals in other cities since the 1960s.

The whole world knows of Ferguson after the murder of Mike Brown, an unarmed African American teenager, by a white police officer who initially confronted him over walking in the middle of the street.

Ferguson police marching forward

They call for “peace” and commit more violence

FERGUSON, MO., continues to be a war zone each night, a week and a half after 18-year-old Mike Brown was shot and killed by police for the “crime” of walking in the street.

From political leaders and media outlets, there are continuous calls for “peace,” for “calm,” for “reconciliation,” for “restraint.” But why are they demanding “peace” and “restraint” from only one side–and the wrong side at that?


The Rebellion in Ferguson

The whole world knows of Ferguson after the murder of Mike Brown, an unarmed African American teenager, by a white police officer who initially confronted him over walking in the middle of the street.

No one would have guessed that Ferguson would be the site of perhaps the most sustained rebellion against police violence in at least two decades.

Join the International Socialist Organization as we discuss the protests in Ferguson, the Bay Area, and the Nation.

3543 18th St., San Francisco (Women’s Building)
Wednesday 8/27/2014
7:00pm – 8:30pm

Workers demand $15 and a union

Escalate the fight for $15 – support fast food workers

After Labor Day, fast-food workers in the East Bay will be taking a stand to demand respect, the right to form a union without retaliation, and $15/hour.

Many fast food workers make as little as $8.00 an hour, a wage that falls far below the federal poverty line. Meanwhile, giant corporations like McDonald’s, and Burger King have reaped in huge profits–McDonald’s alone kept more than $5 billion in profit last year.

Save the date, Thursday, September 4, for rallies to support fast-food workers at their workplaces!

Lift Up Oakland kickoff

Lift Up Oakland fall kickoff

Yes on FF! Join us at the fall campaign kickoff for the Lift Up Oakland measure to raise the minimum wage to $12.25.

There will be a short program and then we will walk and talk to voters in the neighborhood. The best method for overcoming cynicism and increasing turnout is direct voter contact.

After walking, lunch will be provided back at the park.

"The town hella needs a raise"

Lift Up Oakland organizing meeting

Join Oakland activists for a living wage to plan how to win passage of the Lift Up Oakland $12.25 minimum wage measure this Fall. We defeated the effort in the City Council to place a competing measure on the ballot, but we still need to get ready to defeat a campaign by billionaire-funded national right-wing organizations against any local minimum wage increase. And we need activists to help take the campaign against poverty wages beyond getting a law on the books and into building workplace power.

Protesters in Ferguson

Reading groups and Ferguson

We will finish the Meaning of Marxism reading group, discussing chapters 13, 14, and the conclusion, and the Lenin and the Revolutionary Party reading group will discuss chapters 7 and 8. We’ll start another Meaning of Marxism reading group soon, and if you’re interested in a clear, accessible introduction to Marxist ideas and the politics of the ISO, please get in touch.

We’ll follow the reading groups with a short discussion of the murder of Mike Brown by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer, the subsequent uprising in Ferguson, and solidarity in Oakland.


Cease and Desist: It Ends Today!

Over the last few weeks, police have murdered eight people across the country:
Mike Brown: Ferguson, MO
Ezell Ford: South Los Angeles
Eric Garner: New York
Jacorey Calhoun: Oakland
John Crawford III: Beavercreek, Ohio
Dante Parker, Victorville, CA
Omar Abrego, South Los Angeles
Unidentified woman in San Jose who had a power drill

And of course, there have been thousands and thousands more murdered Black, Brown & poor people throughout the years. Just a few:
Oscar Grant
Alan Blueford
Alex Nieto
Andy Lopez
Kimani Gray
Kendrec McDade
Amadou Diallo
Sean Bell
Ramarley Graham

On WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20th, We will take to the streets and tell the police: IT ENDS TODAY


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