Protesters against the Keystone XL pipeline

Northern California People’s Climate Rally

As the United Nations prepares to debate how to reduce carbon pollution and greenhouse gases that pose a dire threat to all humanity, 350.org and hundreds of other organizations are preparing for a historic UN mobilization of environmental activists across the U.S. Hundreds of thousands are expected to converge in NYC and thousands more in many cities including Oakland on September 21 to press for immediate measures to halt and reverse this catastrophic threat to humanity and to demand:

• A global agreement to dramatically and rapidly reduce global warming pollution
• A world with an economy that works for people and the planet
• A world safe from the ravages of climate change
• A world with good jobs, clean air & water, peace & justice & a healthy environment

Oakland ISO working meeting

Oakland ISO working meeting

We’ll discuss how socialists relate to the movements for justice around Ferguson, Gaza, and climate change, and we’ll plan for the People’s Climate Rally in Oakland.


Study group: Crisis in Iraq

In the wake of increasing violence instigated by ISIS, Obama has called for increased military intervention in Iraq.  He is the fourth consecutive president to do this. The growth of ISIS cannot be understood outside of the context of increasing sectarianism in the Middle East, which the US has actively instigated and enflamed.  Increasing involvement in the region will only serve to exacerbate these conditions.  Come join an ISO study group to discuss Crisis in Iraq: The bitter fruit of
 war and occupation with the article’s author, Ashley Smith.     Loading Map…. The Women’s Building 3543 18th St #8,, CA 94110 -  ...more

Eugene Debs

Toward an anti-racist practice

The question of racism and how to fight it is central for any socialist interested in fighting for a better world–especially socialists in the U.S., where racism is woven into the fabric of society. The history of the Workers Party in the 1920s–the forerunner of the Communist Party–offers some important lessons about confronting racism and colonialism that can still inform our organizing today. In the first article of a three-part series, Todd Chretien chronicles the history of how these “Bolsheviks in America” addressed racial inequality.


Whose consumption is killing the planet?

According to environmental writer Fred Pearce, the poorest 3 billion people are responsible for only 7 percent of global emissions of greenhouse gases, while the richest 7 percent produce half of all emissions.

Clearly, the world’s poor are not driving climate change. Food shortages have more to do with the price of food, not its availability.


Students, Socialism, and the Fight for Our Future

Capitalism is killing the planet. We face escalating ecological crises and unending wars and occupations from Iraq and Afghanistan to the U.S.-backed Israeli assault on Palestine.

Racism has led to mass incarceration and out-of-control anti-immigrant bigotry while women and LGBTQ people face rising levels of misogyny and homophobia.

The economic prospects for our generation are growing dimmer by the day with falling pay and historically high levels unemployment.

Meanwhile, big business is colonizing our campuses and trying to reshape our right to an education to serve its own interests.

All of this in pursuit of profit. Enough is enough!


National Day of Action Against Police Violence – Oakland

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot
Black Lives Matter
ALL Life Matters

As part of the national #SEPT6CTA, we will be starting our march at Laney College at 4pm and ending at Oscar Grant Plaza for a town hall meeting. Please come out and support Oakland!

Washington, D.C., stands with the people fighting for justice in Ferguson (Elvert Barnes)

We are all watching Ferguson

THE SHOOTING of unarmed teenager Mike Brown and the violent police repression that followed caused shock waves across the country–but also solidarity, as people who had never heard of Ferguson, Mo., before organized protests and vigils to demand justice.
Within days of the death of the unarmed teenager, who was shot at least six times and then left lying in the street for four hours, there were calls for action to demand justice–not only from activists around the issue of police violence, but people who simply heard about the murder and wanted to take a stand.


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