CeCe McDonald on Racism, Mass Incarceration, and Trans Liberation

CeCe McDonald on racism, mass incarceration and trans liberation

CeCe McDonald, an aspiring fashion student living in Minneapolis, was attacked by a racist, transphobic mob while walking to the grocery store in July of 2010. One of her attackers, intoxicated and adorned with a swastika tattoo, died days following the incident. CeCe was charged with two murders and was threatened with up to 80 years in a cage for simply defending herself.

While imprisoned, she discovered that her story was not unique, but that she was among many Black people—particularly Black, trans women—railroaded to prison. The stories of Assata Shakur, Angela Davis, and Mumia Abu-Jamal inspired her to fight not only for her own freedom but for all the trans women who have been slain or made victims of the criminal injustice system. Since her release in January of 2014, CeCe has become a leading and outspoken activist, inspiring many to take action against mass incarceration and for racial justice and trans liberation.

Black Liberation and Socialism

Black Liberation and Socialism, Study Series; Part 3

Part 3: Black Liberation and Socialism, chapters 9-12 and conclusion We are concluding our three-part reading series on Black Liberation and Socialism by Ahmed Shawki, “a sharp and insightful analysis of historic movements against racism in the United States with essential lessons for today’s struggles.” This portion of the book covers Malcolm X, the Black Power movement, the Black Panthers and more. You can order the book online or pick it up at any San Francisco ISO branch meeting. Supplementary reading: Lee Sustar, The Legacy of Malcolm X socialistworker.org series     Loading Map…. The Women’s Building3543 18th St – San FranciscoEvents 37.76142 -122.422619  ...more


RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH; How the free market and the city are failing SF Residents

San Francisco rents are out of control. While developers and free market cheerleaders demand more condo construction, housing activists and left-leaning city officials grasp for meaningful protections for city residents to no avail. As long as housing remains a commodity rather than a human right, residents will continue to see rents soar beyond their means. Ultimately a just solution to the housing crisis will only be found outside the free market. Come join a discussion on what these solutions might look like and how we can achieve them. Loading Map…. The Women’s Building3543 18th St – San FranciscoEvents 37.76142 -122.422619  ...more


A new cold war?! Crisis in the Middle East?! What would Lenin say?

From the Ukraine to Syria the world today is full of military conflict. Not surprisingly the US war machine has its claws on every front. Using ISIS and Putin’s Russia as justification, Obama is determined to escalate US military action abroad. Although each conflict has a complex background, their roots can be traced to inter-capitalist rivalry. As Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin explained, imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism. The framework Lenin provided almost a century ago is still crucial for understanding US military aggression today. Come join a discussion on the marxist analysis of imperialism and its applications to  ...more


Capitalism and the Environment

Join the Stanford International Socialist Organization for a discussion of the fundamental unsustainability of capitalism and how best to resist it.

The aftermath of the ExxonMobil refinery explosion in Torrance, CA.

On strike against the next “accident”

AN EXPLOSION at an ExxonMobil oil refinery in Torrance, California, on February 18 injured four contractors and forced 14 area schools to keep students indoors when a fine dust wafted over the city just south of Los Angeles.

The blast revealed the very high stakes in the oil workers’ strike that has spread across the country.

United Steelworkers (USW) members began hitting the picket line on February 1 after representatives of the major oil companies refused to negotiate seriously during talks on a contract covering some 30,000 workers throughout the industry.

The unfair labor practices strike has now expanded to more than 6,500 workers at 15 facilities–with workers joining the walkout last weekend at oil refineries in Port Arthur, Texas, and Convent and Norco, Louisiana. More refineries could join the strike soon, since many plants continue to work under 24-hour rolling extensions of the contract.

Workers from the USW union walk a picket line outside the Lyondell-Basell refinery in Houston, Texas.

Support striking USW oil workers

Thousands of oil workers in the United Steel Workers union have gone on strike in nearly a dozen refineries across 6 states over safety issues and work conditions, with more strikes in further refineries possible in the coming days. Workers spoke of increased hours, back-to-back over time shifts, increasing use of untrained contractors by oil companies, and other work safety related issues in their contracts that we’re being eroded, making a dangerous job even more hazardous, as the reason why they are fighting back and on strike.

The USW workers at the Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery in Martinez, are among the workers who have gone out on strike. The International Socialist Organization stands in solidarity with the USW workers in their fight for decent working conditions.

The SF Bay Area ISO is adopting a picket line this Saturday, the 28th, 12pm and we welcome friends and allies to come out to support the workers.

United Steelworkers on strike. Photo: United Steelworkers.

Climate activists have to stand with the strikers

SOME 5,000 union members represented by the United Steelworkers (USW) are on strike at 11 refineries in six states, and counting. Workers at BP refineries in Whiting, Indiana, and Toledo, Ohio, joined the strike this week. The union could bring out more than 30,000 workers at 63 refineries plus related oil terminals, pipelines and petrochemical facilities, which would dramatically affect oil production.

The oil workers are fighting energy giants who put their multibillion-dollar profits ahead of the health and safety of their employees and the surrounding communities, whom they treat as disposable. Workers are demanding that the oil corporations address safety issues on the job, including forced overtime and outsourcing of work to contractors.

The strike comes amid a growing climate justice movement–a movement that is also challenging the fossil fuel industry. These corporations are poisoning our drinking water, filling our soil with toxic waste, and polluting the air we breathe.

Women, Work, and Austerity Today

Women, Work, and Austerity Today

  Women’s oppression has intensified as a consequence of the overall attack on the working class today. Since the crisis of 2007 hit and the economy has since recovered, wages have fallen or stagnated, working conditions have worsened, and healthcare costs are rising – all while the capitalist elite here and globally reap massive profits. How does the fight against women’s oppression and racism connect with an overall struggle today for better working conditions and pay? Can we build a sustained fight against this unequal system based on solidarity and class struggle? What is the history of fights that have  ...more


GREECE – SYRIZA; A New Left Challenge to Austerity in Europe

With the incredible win of radical left coalition Syriza in Greece, European rulers face their first real opposition since the economic crisis began. Syriza has vowed to reject the European Union’s brutal program of austerity which has had a devastating impact on the Greek working class. But with the government of Syriza only two weeks old, the political and financial elite of Europe have rejected all proposals to negotiate Greece’s huge foreign debt or relax the austerity conditions imposed as a condition for the bailout of the country’s economic system. With a showdown approaching, all eyes are on the struggle  ...more