2014 Bay Area Marxism Day School

2014 Bay Area Marxism Day School

Activists nationwide are uniting to demand justice from Gaza to Ferguson. We feel the urgent need to stand against the power of the wealthy elite who defend their unequal system with racist and miliatrized police forces, impose their interests internationally through airstrikes and armed support for dictatorships, and divide the people they rule over through institutionalized systems of sexism, homophobia, nationalism, transphobia, and racism. To build a credible challenge, we need to read about, debate about, and learn from the struggles of the past and the political ideas formed by those who’ve fought before us.

Join the International Socialist Organization for a day-long conference exploring our radical history and the politics that inform how we organize today to win a better future.

When the Ferguson grand jury decision is announced…

When the Ferguson grand jury decision is announced…

We don’t know whether or not Darren Wilson will be indicted for the murder of Mike Brown. But we do know that the criminal justice system is one of systematic racist violence, experienced by Mike Brown, Rodney Reed, Oscar Grant, and countless others. On the day the grand jury decision is announced, there will be a rally at 14th and Broadway in downtown Oakland at 5PM. Join the ISO contingent there under the banner, “No Justice, No Peace. Disarm All Police!”  

Change the name, change the mascot! Rally & March

Change the Name! Change the Mascot!

Grassroots Indigenous Organizations to Hold March and Rally for Respectful Representation of Indigenous Peoples. The protest and news conference will coincide with the controversial Washington NFL team’s game versus San Francisco 49ers.

#notyourmascot #changethename #changethemascot

System Change Not Climate Change

Ecosocialism: Another World Is Necessary

While 2014 is on pace to be the hottest year on record and the symptoms of climate change threaten billions of lives, politicians and corporations continue their drive to burn every ounce of carbon that they can find. Fortunately those hardest hit and most vulnerable – the indigenous, people of color, and working class communities – are fighting back.

From Idle No More to the People’s Climate March, millions are increasingly calling for systemic change to end exploitation, war and oppression. What will it take for this movement to win – to fight climate change while building an ecologically and socially just society?

Capitalism and fossil fuels are so tightly intertwined that it is impossible to imagine slowing or managing the effects of climate change without a revolution to build an alternative to an economy based on competitive production for profit. Come discuss why we say socialism is our only chance for a brighter future and how we can work toward it together!

IMG_3024-ISO contingent at climate march

Getting organized to change the world

THE SIGNS of frustration with the status quo in America–substandard wages, racist law enforcement, the ongoing devastation of the planet, to name of few–are everywhere. And there are examples of resistance, too–sometimes in unexpected places. No one knew Ferguson, Mo., would be become ground zero for the struggle against police violence and racism until a rebellion poured out into the streets in August to protest the murder of unarmed Black teenager Mike Brown. But it’s not surprising that a Ferguson happened somewhere. The daily abuse of African Americans in U.S. cities across the country was already well known before Brown’s  ...more


Raise the Red Flag: The Case for Socialist Organization

The rapidly changing landscape of San Francisco can seem daunting.  In one week last month residents learned that the SF Bay Guardian, the city’s left-leaning newspaper of record, closed its doors and that the iconic lesbian bar, the Lexington Club, would soon close too. A few days prior a Federal Judge threw out an ordinance that increased the relocation fees that landlords are required to pay tenants after an eviction. Then in November the next best hope for tenants, Prop G aka the anti-speculation tax, was defeated at the polls. Meanwhile the board of supervisors continue to favor the needs of the  ...more

Why The Working Class – Study Group

Why The Working Class – Study Group

In preparation for the 2014 Bay Area Marxism Day School, we’ll discuss American revolutionary Hal Draper’s article on the centrality of the working class to the Marxist tradition. Loading Map…. Women’s Building3543 18th Street – San FranciscoEvents 37.76142 -122.422619 When Wednesday, November 127:00 pm – 9:00 pm Where Women’s Building 3543 18th Street San Francisco

Protesters raise their hands in Ferguson

Ferguson & the New Movement for Justice

The courageous resistance shown after the police murder of Mike Brown has inspired solidarity far beyond Missouri. Join the Oakland branch of the International Socialist Organization for an open discussion on Ferguson and how it is influencing a new generation of activists to turn their backs on the liberal establishment and pave a new way forward for anti-racist struggle.

Kaiser nurses on strike

Kaiser nurses on strike

Come out to a picket line and show your support for the 18,000 Kaiser nurses who will be on striking this week – Tuesday & Wednesday, November 11 & 12!

Why the working class

Why the working class

In preparation for the 2014 Bay Area Marxism Day School, we’ll discuss American revolutionary Hal Draper’s article on the centrality of the working class to the Marxist tradition.