Hip hop, sports, and struggle under the New Jim Crow

Join Boots Riley and Dave Zirin in a discussion about the role of mass culture in building resistance against racism and mass incarceration today.

All proceeds to benefit AK Press to support recovery from the fire which devastated their Oakland building.

Obama Clinton

The Democrats: The Other Party of the 1%

Join the Stanford International Socialist Organization and guest Todd Chretien for a presentation and discussion on the role of the Democratic Party in upholding American capitalism and empire.

For $15, Against Capitalism

For $15, Against Capitalism

The retreat of radical political organization in the last 40 years has been matched by a retreat of organized labor, leaving more and more workers in precarious and low-wage jobs. Can we once again organize the unorganized, not only to fight for better benefits and wages, but ultimately against a system of explotation that now threatens the future of the planet? What is the role of radicals and revolutionaries in that struggle and what do we have to say about the challenges they face today? Join the International Socialist Organization for a discussion! Loading Map…. Wheeler HallRoom 225 – BerkeleyEvents  ...more

Oakland ISO organizing meeting

Oakland ISO organizing meeting

Loading Map…. Oakland Peace Center111 Fairmount Ave. – OaklandEvents 37.8167264 -122.26090799999997 When Monday, April 136:30 pm – 8:30 pm Where Oakland Peace Center 111 Fairmount Ave. Oakland

Black Liberation and Socialism Study Group: Part III

Black Liberation and Socialism Study Group: Part III

Join the Oakland branch of the International Socialist Organization as we continue into part 3 of our study group on Ahmed Shawki’s Black Liberation and Socialism.  A broad sweeping study on the history of racism in the US and the struggles against oppression, from slavery and the civil war, up to the black power movement.  Part 3 of our on going study group will be on chapters 8-11: 8. The Roots of the Civil Rights Movement  9. The Politics of Malcolm X  10. Black Power  11. The Black Panthers and DRUM. Everyone is welcome to join the discussion. The book can  ...more

Yuvette Henderson Vigil and March

Yuvette Henderson Vigil and March

Yuvette Henderson, a 38 year old black woman and mother of two, was shot and killed by Emeryville police after an argument with Home Depot security guards over her allegedly shoplifting.  Yuvette was unarmed and at the time had been desperately trying to wave down cars to help for fear of her life.  According to multiple eyewitnesses she was shot in the head with an assault rifle. Since the murder city officials have yet to release any information on the investigation, including releasing or detailing information from the Home Depot and Extra Storage Space (where she was killed) security tapes. A march and  ...more


Jacobin Reading Club

Don’t study collective action alone.

Join the San Francisco Jacobin reading club:

Sunday April 12th
The Women’s Building, 3543 18th St.



Big money is flowing in and out of the Bay Area. But if SF is a gold mine for wealthy investors, local residents are the miners–underpaid, unprotected, overworked, suffocating. As rents rise, real wages decline and social services disappear, causing many to hope the current tech boom goes bust. Whether or not there is a crash, however, capitalist laws of motion ensure that matters will only get worse for all but the richest San Franciscans. Join us for a discussion of current dynamics and long-term trends.


Will the new agreement weaken the ILWU?

This week’s caucus in San Francisco–and its decision about whether to ratify or reject the TA–will go some way towards determining if the ILWU grows weaker or if a new, more radical direction for the union opens up. But the real potential to chart a new course for the ILWU lies with the rank and file.

Activists shut down the Home Depot in Emeryville, demanding a release of surveillance tapes.

Why was Yuvette Henderson killed?

The Black Lives Matter movement took to the streets in the Bay Area on February 21 to protest the February 3 killing of Yuvette Henderson by police in Emeryville, California.

A march organized by the Anti Police-Terror Project (APTP) proceeded from the Emeryville police station to a rally organized by ONYX Organizing Committee, Asians for Black Lives and BlackOut Collective, where activists blockaded all entrances to the Emeryville Home Depot, shutting it down for five hours–the period of time that Yuvette’s body was left to lie in the street after she was shot and killed.

Yuvette, a 38-year-old Black woman and mother of two, was killed by police after allegedly shoplifting at the Home Depot. Multiple eyewitnesses to her death say Yuvette was unarmed when she was shot. One protest organizer, Adam Jordan, reported that multiple eyewitnesses described Yuvette as, “desperately trying to wave down cars and a bus to get out of the situation, like she was in fear for her life.”