he funeral of three-year-old boy Mohammed Mnassrah, whose parents and baby brother were also killed in an air strike on a refugee camp in Gaza.

A war crime in progress

Israel’s attack on and invasion of Gaza is a war crime in progress. The Palestinian struggle for self-determination desperately needs the solidarity of people of conscience from around the world. This global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement must expose every instance of Israeli racism and colonialism while seeking to challenge the massive amounts of American economic and diplomatic support that make Israel’s project possible.


Lifting up the Bay Area

For working class people in the Bay Area, the fight for a living wage is about more than the minimum wage–it’s an existential struggle. The house flippers and hedge-fund-fueled real estate developers want to drive all working people out of Oakland, San Francisco and every other city where they want to take their racist, gentrifying crusade. We need to win a living wage to stop them–and we need a movement to win that wage.


Protest for Palestine

Israel has announced a ground invasion of Gaza!!

All out for Palestine!!

Sunday, July 20th, 3pm
Ferry Building, San Francisco
(Embarcadero Bart)

We will be promptly marching toward Civic Center at 3:30 p.,m., starting from the SF Ferry Building in San Francisco.

Within the past couple weeks the illegal, terrorist, and apartheid state of Israel have killed over 230 Palestinians injured and displaced thousands and is now preparing for an all out ground invasion of the prison otherwise known as Gaza. .

Join us to to stand with the Palestinian people, demand an end to US aid to Israel, and honor those who have passed as Israel continues its attacks on Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and occupied 1948 Palestine.


Security States: From the US to Israel

From NSA Spying to the New Jim Crow to Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan, hear a socialist perspective from Bay Area ISO activists Diana Macasa and Doniella Maher on the neoliberal attack on democracy.

Noura Khouri a Palestinian, ISO member, and local community activist will provide an update on the latest bloody assault by Israel on the Gaza strip which has killed over 200 Palestinians in 10 days.

5PM Saturday, July 19
Redstone Building, Room 304
2940 16th Street


Rockets and the Gaza resistance

Israel claims its assaults on Gaza are a defensive response, but there’s really no comparison between the rockets of Hamas and the missiles of Israel.


SF Protest for Palestine

AYO – Arab Youth Organization of Arab Resource & Organizing Center calls on our community and allies to take a stand with Palestine and let the city of San Francisco, and the entire world know that we demand an end to the US support of Israel and their ongoing attacks on our people throughout all of occupied Palestine.

Everyone is welcome! Bring your parents, your kids, cousins, friends, extended family! Our voices need to be heard! Never forget that our existence is our resistance!

The San Francisco Bay Area says no to zionism!
Stop US Aid to the Apartheid State of Israel!
Free all our political prisoners!
Support the Palestinian people’s struggle for liberation!

Saturday, July 12th, 12pm
Justin Herman Plaza
1 Market St.
San Francisco


Socialism connects the dots

Some 1,450 people from across the U.S. and beyond attended Socialism 2014 in Chicago over June 26-29. This year’s attendance topped last year’s by more than 100 people–and an expanded schedule allowed close to 150 sessions offered during the four-day event. But more important than attendance figures were the struggles represented at Socialism 2014: Palestinian rights, LGBT equality, the labor movement, anti-racism, education justice, women’s rights and the environment, to name just some.

Poverty Rate Rises To 15 Year High

Poverty in the City by the Bay

Carl Finamore, a resident of San Francisco’s Hunters Point and retired former president of Air Transport Employees, IAM Local Lodge 1781, looks at how the other San Francisco of poor and working-class residents has been affected by growing inequality.


Emergency Protest for Palestine

The Israeli government is carrying out collective punishment of Palestinians after the death of three teenage settlers. In recent days, Israel has carried out collective punishment — a war crime — against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, while Israeli officials have fomented a racist hysteria among Israelis, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu referring to Palestinians as “human animals.”

Join us at this protest to demand an end to Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians!